Care Instructions 

After you are done using your watercolors for the day, allow the wet half pans to completely dry after use before storing them (i.e a tin).

Just like food & other perishable items, all paints eventually will spoilage, usually by cross contamination. Proper Storage of your watercolors (sealed container) you will drastically extend the life of your paints - if you don't use them first! Remember to leave your pans out to fully dry before storage (mold needs humidity & moisture to grow)


Pan Sizes

Half Pan: 2ml • 1.6cm x 1.9cm x 1cm

Quarter Pan: 1ml • 1.5cm x 1.8cm x 0.5cm

Mini Pan: 0.5ml • 1.5cm x 1.1cm x 0.5cm

Normally a half pan will fit 1.8oz. I overfill mine almost creating a dome aka 'Pillow Top' , giving you extra paint.

All pigment varies in prices and based on the this, that is why our prices vary.


Watercolor Activation

I use a dropper and add a few drops of water on the very top of the the half pan. Wait for 3-5 minutes, grab a brush and mix well until your desired consistency is reached. The more water the more light and transparent. The reverse is true as well, less water, the brighter, more vibrant, opaque (the colors are not transparent)



Each pan will have a small 3M circular magnet. I found these to last, are very strong. Please take care not to slam together or on a surface, sometimes they will crack of there is too much force (dont worry! even cracked, they will still work fine) 

With that being said, If here are ANY problems with your magnet, PLEASE e-mail me or contact me on any of my other available ways FIRST and I will be happy to send you a new one, and rectify the situation.